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Best Weed Gifts for Your Stoner Friends 

Best Weed Gifts for Your Stoner Friends 

As we inch closer to weed being legalized in all 50 states (22 as of 2022), more and more people are becoming weed enthusiasts. At Treetop Hemp Co, we are here to full-heartedly support all of the budding stoners out there.

With so many newbies puffing the reefer, there is a dire need to help them get set up with the right marijuana essentials. 

So this holiday season, help your stoner friends by getting them the best weed gifts to enhance their smoke sessions. 

Joint Case

Do you know someone who loves puffing on joints? If so, a joint case is the perfect holiday gift! 

Joint cases are great for anyone who loves to smoke joints on the go. 

Joint cases allow you to carry joints while protecting the joint from being crushed in your pocket, hiding the pungent order, and keeping the joint dry. Most cases can carry multiple joints at a time, with some even providing you space to store a lighter – a super convenient feature. 

Ash Tray

Help your friends ash their blunts in style! A well-designed ashtray can add to the vibe of anyone’s house. Today there are so many beautifully crafted marijuana ashtrays, you won’t have a problem finding one that fits your friend’s style. 

On top of that, most ashtrays are multi-functional. It’s standard for weed ashtrays to have a joint holder built into the rim, allowing the user to rest their joint. Some come with a rolling tray connected, making it the Swiss Army knife of weed accessories. 

Weed Grinder

Friends don’t let friends pick apart their weed by hand! If you know someone who is still picking out sticks and stems in 2022, hook them up with a weed grinder this holiday season. A weed grinder is the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Weed Stash Jar

Proper weed storage is key for anyone who regularly has a stash of marijuana flower on hand. Did you know that the desirable effects from weed will break down when the flower is exposed to elements like heat and UV rays? It’s important to keep weed stored away in a cool place. And, a  proper weed stash jar will lock in the strong smell from the bud. 

Weed Pipe

Weed pipes are small, handheld, portable devices you use to smoke cannabis. They’re one of the easiest ways to consume weed, and everyone deserves to have a pipe that resonates with their style. A proper weed pipe is a great addition to any stoner’s collection. 

Treetop Hemp

Finally, at Treetop Hemp, we have the best delta-8, delta-10, and live resin products on the market. We have something for everyone, as we sell cartridges, disposable vapes, and gummies. 

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