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What is Live Resin? Everything You Need to Know

What is Live Resin? Everything You Need to Know
What is live resin

Live resin is a relatively new cannabis product, first created around 2013. You may have seen it used in many cannabis products in the United States. 

It is made using only fresh cannabis plants and Live resin is best known for its rich flavor and aromatic profile. 

What makes this new form of THC so good? In this article, we take a deep dive into the benefits and use cases for live resin. 

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate produced using fresh, undried cannabis flowers. The flowers are frozen immediately after harvest and then used to make the concentrate. This process preserves the plant’s terpene profile, which gives live resin its unique flavor and smell.

Live resin has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people are looking for ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates with a more natural flavor. Making live resin is also relatively simple, which has made it a favorite among home growers.

So, how could this be beneficial for you? 

The cannabis plant can go through a huge variety of processes before it becomes the product you can see on the shelf at your local dispensary. These can include the process of trimming, curing, drying, and extraction among others that are used to preserve or prepare the final product. During this process,  the natural terpene profile of marijuana is damaged and as a result, almost 55% of terpenes and other natural plant compounds are usually lost. 

The unique extraction process used to obtain live resin allows its terpene profile to stay as close to the fresh natural plant as possible, typically making it richer in aroma and flavor. 

Types of live resin products  


You can use live resin carts in vape pens. Inside, a battery heats up the cartridge and vaporizes the cannabis for optimal terpenes. 

Dab Pens 

Dab pens allow you to control the temperature and give you the flexibility to heat oil, wax, butter, crumbles or other cannabis concentrates. 


Live resin sauce is sticky, with a liquid consistency. Both sauce and live resin retain maximum terpenes. 

Butter, Badders, Crumbles, and Sugar 

These refer to the various textures and appearances of cannabis concentrates. The potency is typically the same across the board. People may prefer one over the other based on ease of heating, consistency, and availability. 

How is live resin different from other concentrates? 

Live Resin vs. Distillate

The distillate is pure THC and cannabinoids. It has no terpenes; you add the flavor profile to the distillate oil afterward. 

Live Resin vs. Rosin

Both live resin and rosin come from freshly frozen plants. The difference lies in the extraction methods. Chemical solvents separate the trichomes in resin. Meanwhile, live rosin only requires heat and pressure. 

Live Resin vs. Sauce 

Live resin only comes from frozen plant material, while some use cured bud to create a sauce. 

Live Resin vs. Shatter

Shatter is less pungent and has fewer terpenes than live resin. 

If you’re interested in trying live resin, check out our collection of live resin products (disposables and cartridges). We offer a variety of live resins from some of the most popular brands in the industry.